December 15th, 2008

little review

Poem for Monday

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We were going to go to the Maryland Zoo to see the penguins one last time this year -- it's closed from tomorrow until early March -- and visit some of the Baltimore museums. But the kids had a lot of homework to finish and we're all still on the recovering end of colds, so instead we stuck closer to home and went to see the Pompeii and the Roman Villa exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. Unlike the exhibit on Stabiae that we saw a few years ago (see October 4th, 2004 entry), this one focused not only on the artifacts but on the artistic legacy of the affluent Romans who lived in Pompeii and on artistic attempts to recreate that era. Though there are some lovely goddess statues and some gorgeous decorative pieces, my favorite section is at the very end, where the show has brought together a number of items -- some ancient, some reproductions -- all used in a single painting by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, A Sculpture Garden.

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We missed most of the Redskins game, which I can only say is surely a good thing, since it sounds like it was embarrassing. We had planned to watch Merlin in the evening but the kids were busy with homework and chores that didn't quite get finished, so that got postponed a few days, since Terminator and Heroes both have their fall finales on Monday. Oh, and I have a bunch of people to thank for holiday cards, gifts and greetings -- I am in receipt of several and most appreciative -- and in the morning I get to see dementordelta, yay!