December 19th, 2008

little review

Poem for Friday

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I had lunch with perkypaduan, who brought me an aquamarine, lace agate and pewter bead necklace for my birthday when we met at the surprisingly uncrowded mall. We did a little holiday shopping (yay, See's Candy samples!) and got food to bring back to my house. Then -- yes, I know this is becoming a theme here -- we watched a bunch of Merlin episodes. Hey, she had never seen any -- it was practically a civic duty on my part! Adam came home and discovered that there was leftover sushi, which he ate before his tennis lesson while Daniel was at robotics. I took the computer to the tennis lesson to enjoy free wireless but only got a single e-mail answered.

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We've spent the evening watching two specials on public television -- one on the art of Washington National Cathedral, including some background on the gargoyles, stained glass, and statuary, plus the Cathedral cat, and a longer version of the short film Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples which is playing at the National Gallery of Art to accompany the exhibit of the same name. I like that 20 minutes of the feature is about the architecture, gardens, and lives of the weathly Romans before Vesuvius erupted, like the exhibit; I've seen plenty about the volcano and what it did, less about the many years of peaceful life beforehand.

I interviewed Majel Barrett Roddenberry three times -- in 1998 about Star Trek, in 1999 about Earth: Final Conflict, and in 2001 about Andromeda. I know the word "gracious" is being used a lot about her tonight, but what interested me was that she could also be cuttingly critical and very funny -- not gracious in the phoney-baloney sense that a lot of actors I've talked to have been, gushing about their love for their fans and appreciation for the producers in the midst of diva-like antics, but determined to have a positive influence over the shows and to remain loyal to what she perceived as Gene Roddenberry's legacy whether her views were popular or not. She was very much a unique spirit, irreplaceable. I feel like the Star Trek era has truly come to an end.