December 20th, 2008


Poem for Saturday

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Elizabeth Alexander was in grad school at the University of Pennsylvania while I was an undergraduate; I took two classes with her, an 18th century literature class taught by Paul Fussell and a craft of poetry seminar taught by Daniel Hoffman. I met her again, briefly, at the University of Chicago, where she arrived to teach just as I was leaving the Ph.D. program. She was very smart and funny and has since been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, and I am totally thrilled to have read that she's going to read at Barack Obama's inauguration. *fangirls*

It was very gray and dark and rainy, and it's a good thing the solstice is this weekend or I'd have a serious seasonal affective disorder issue. It's easier when it's snow, which I hear that a lot of other people are getting, but not us. I wrote a review of Next Gen's "Future Imperfect", yelled at one of my kids about interim grades that suggest he's been lazy, and used a cat asleep on my leg as an excuse to lie around like a lox, reading photography magazines. *fires self* Here, have some National Zoo animals:

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