December 21st, 2008


Poem for Sunday

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I will be so glad in the morning when the longest night of the year is past. I spent this afternoon being alternately too cold and too hot. Son had a choir concert that he told us was at the Borders in Silver Spring, which we assumed meant inside the Borders, since we've seen concerts there before, like Ocean Orchestra the night of the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release party. But no: the concert was outside in the town center for over an hour! We sent younger son to the nearby Starbuck's to drink hot chocolate while we danced around inappropriately to carols to keep warm. Then we went into the nearby mall with the Burlington Coat Factory because apaulled had broken the zipper on his jacket, and it was insanely warm inside and I was walking around carrying coats!

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We watched none of the EagleBank Bowl at RFK Stadium in DC (I hear that Wake Forest beat Navy) and only the end of the Pioneer Bowl (where Arizona beat BYU, yay), and though we didn't see the game, I am delighted that the Ravens beat the Cowboys. We put on Love, Actually because it was on Oxygen and for some reason we don't have that on DVD -- wait, I know, it's because Alan Rickman plays a loathsome jerk -- and completely forgot that Crusoe was on, woe! Does anyone know of anyplace online where those episodes can be found?

I was distracted because people from my elementary school have been uploading class photos on Facebook, so tonight I uploaded mine, and there was a flurry of tagging and snickering and notes about how we looked back then. One curious thing I've found about Facebook is that people I knew when I was very young are far more likely to friend me, even if we weren't friendly at all in high school, then people with whom I was moderately friendly in high school and college. It's nice talking to these people whom I've known for literally my entire life.