December 28th, 2008

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Poem for Sunday

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We had a relatively quiet Saturday -- chores, unpacking, taking care of poor neglected cats who only got wet food once while we were away. It was very warm, nearly 60 degrees, ridiculous for December but since we didn't have a white Christmas, this is an acceptable substitute as far as I'm concerned. In the afternoon we went to Great Falls, where the C&O Canal had been drained but the river was very high -- huge waves, no herons, a couple of ducks in the rainwater collected in the canal -- and it was quite crowded in spots.

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My parents came over for dinner -- we had fondue, as has become a Chanukah tradition since it's Adam's favorite meal, though now that he's been to the Melting Pot, he thinks it should include a cheese and a chocolate course as well as the poultry-and-seafood course. We had lots of leftover desserts from being at my in-laws' house. Daniel insisted on showing them the Colbert Christmas special, though I don't think they were as impressed by it as he is. They brought him the latest Futurama special and brought Adam a penguin sleeping bag. I got my father the Mel Brooks DVD box set and my mom a glass-and-brass dreidel and some books. After they went home, we watched The Poseidon Adventure -- hey, it's a holiday season movie!