December 31st, 2008

get critical

Poem for Wednesday

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My kids and I had a fairly low-key vacation day, joined for much of the time by younger son's best friend, who was here from lunchtime till dinnertime. They were playing the new Wii and Gameboy games, reading their new books, and building their new Bionicles. I had laundry to fold and put on Gladiator, which never gets old -- at all, I was completely breathless waiting to see what would happen during scenes I've seen many times before! Then apaulled came home with a family Chanukah present, a Casio keyboard -- the kids often play with the piano in my parents' basement and the keyboard at my in-laws -- and younger son spent a lot of time playing the songs in the book that came with it as well as the melody line of songs he knows from the violin.

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Our evening TV was erratic and oft-interrupted, but in between impromptu musical performances, dinner, phone calls, and various computer issues, we watched: 1) the Maryland Terrapins win the Humanitarian Bowl against Nevada's Wolf Pack at Boise State's stadium with the blue grass, which was particularly fun for us because we visited it this summer en route to the Boise Zoo; 2) the Doctor Who Christmas Confidential, which in some ways I enjoyed more than "The Next Doctor" itself, particularly the clips of the Davids singing and dancing together on Blackpool which I really, really must watch; 3) the Kennedy Center Honors broadcast on CBS from the time the Who was on through the Streisand tribute, Collapse ) And finally 4) The Holiday Bowl, which hopefully Oregon will win in a few minutes!