January 7th, 2009


Poem for Wednesday

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cidercupcakes came over in the morning and we indulged in more Arrested Development, which is the only non-animated half-hour comedy I've ever watched beyond a couple of episodes (unless The Brady Bunch in my childhood counts) and is really wonderful. It's a bit bizarre for me to watch because I realized that one of the executive producers is someone with whom I went to elementary school! I was expecting perkypaduan for lunch, but we had an ice storm forecast for the area and she opted not to try to drive through it, so cidercupcakes and I went to California Pizza Kitchen, where we did not have pizza but hummus, soup, and chocolate souffle, mmm.

I spent a lot of the evening importing my journals to Wordpress; I have one of them on Blogger but I really don't want personal entries there, and Wordpress makes it much easier to import over five years' worth of daily entries, anyway. I am in a bit of a panic about what will happen to my photos if LiveJournal disappears; I have them all backed up in two different places, but the URLs in many years' worth of entries point to LiveJournal's Scrapbook and there's no way I could go back and change them all to point somewhere else. I also can't stand the idea of losing my memories and tags, which make a very comprehensive index.

While I was futzing with this stuff, we watched the 1951 The Day the Earth Stood Still, which looked very cheesy at first -- it was very fun to see the Smithsonian looking exactly the same, and Union Station surrounded by old cars, with the world's silliest flying saucer overhead -- but Patricia Neal was fabulous enough that I stopped caring about the visuals! Then I remembered that we had actually seen the robot at the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle, and moreover that I never posted most of the photos from that trip in any journal, so here's a blast from the past. (We stayed in Forks while visiting the Olympic Peninsula but did not see any vampires!)

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