January 10th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I spent the morning doing some reorganizing to find places for my cameras and equipment, then writing a review of "The Loss" (better than I remembered, but that may be because I love Troi much more now than I did then). When Adam got home from school, he said he wanted to get a haircut, something he's mentioned a couple of times this week -- which would probably be unremarkable for most kids, but younger son has insisted on NOT cutting his hair for several years now -- so I took him to get nearly a foot cut off and saved to donate for wigs for cancer victims.

Then we had a quick dinner and went to Daniel's school for the winter concert, at which the chamber choir, all-school choir, guitar ensemble, and orchestra all performed, culminating in the Hallelujah Chorus. Daniel had to be there early, so Paul took Adam to Starbuck's across the street for hot chocolate while I saved seats. My in-laws met us at the school and we had a nice evening with them (my parents were tied up -- my father's brother is visiting).

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Got home in time to watch the Sanctuary season finale and SGA series finale, in that order. I enjoyed both of them a lot...particularly Sanctuary, I must admit. Collapse ) Collapse )