January 11th, 2009


Poem for Sunday

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Older son had robotics for most of the day, so younger son took his place volunteering at Hebrew school. Then we had lunch with my Uncle Mickey, who was staying with my parents for a few days while in DC on business; he flew out this afternoon, while we retrieved older son and did a bunch of reorganizing -- I wanted to empty out the living room toy chest, which mostly contained games the kids had outgrown, to use as a place to keep my camera equipment, which required sorting various pieces into appropriate containers, plus deciding what to give away and where to store what we kept. During this project, we watched the delightful Ravens game, which was close throughout and then ended the way we wanted...unlike the Cardinals-Panthers game, which has been a blowout, but a nice surprise as well!

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The New York Post does not like my sometime imaginary boyfriend...it's fine with me if Russell Crowe got mediocre tabloid darling Sienna Miller bumped from his movie, but I hope it's not true that he and Ridley Scott are feuding. I'm very glad that NBC is still showing Crusoe, though I keep forgetting that it starts at 8 instead of 9, missing the beginning and failing to record it -- Collapse ) We watched a couple of episodes of Arrested Development, too -- we are converted, cidercupcakes!