January 12th, 2009

little review

Poem for Monday

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Again Daniel had robotics until mid-afternoon, so we had a quiet morning; read the paper, did some more sorting of stuff to be given away, listened to Adam play the keyboard when he got home from Hebrew school. We picked up Daniel and headed downtown with the intention of seeing an exhibit on glass at the Smithsonian's American Art museum, but there were huge mobs around the MCI Center and convention center following the inauguration rehearsal in the morning, so we headed instead to the Mall and the recently reopened National Museum of American History, where we saw many items we hadn't seen since the museum closed for renovation, such as:

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We saw only the beginning of the Eagles-Giants game and the end of the Steelers-Chargers game, though we listened to much of both on the car radio, but perhaps that was a good thing since every team I rooted for this weekend actually won! And I got my invitation to my oldest friend's annual Super Bowl party today, which is something I always look forward to. We watched some Arrested Development in the early part of the night, then put on the Golden Globes at about the halfway point. So as usual I have nothing to say about the clothes parade or the TV awards, except Collapse )