January 14th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Wednesday

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perkypaduan and I went to Chipotle for lunch to catch up on our gossip for the new year -- well, her gossip, since my only big news is younger son's haircut. Then we decided to walk to World Market, since it's right next door, and of course I had to stock up on tea and Asian simmer sauces while I was there. Then we went to AC Moore, which was just a few doors down in the shopping plaza, and of course I had to stock up on earring hooks, pins, and a little beading tool set (plus $3 Valentine's Day fuzzy socks). Then we went to Toys R Us, which was just a few doors down in the other direction, where I am pleased to report that I was entirely virtuous since I was anticipating making penguin earrings, even though they had Little Red Riding Hood Barbie in stock.

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It has not been an eventful evening other than thinking we might have lost the confirmation ticket for Daniel's SAT when Paul had to have his laptop reformatted after a virus, though it turned out Daniel had it saved in his e-mail and now it's in mine, too. We finished the first season of Arrested Development and watched the first episode of the second, in which Tobias joins the Blue Man Group and utters the immortal line, "I'm afraid I just blue myself." And I discovered to my delight that the miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth will likely air on BBC America the same days as they will in the U.K. and possibly in high-def, though we are all sorry here that we cannot go to the St. Louis Zoo's Winter Penguin March, in which the gentoo and king penguins get to play outside.