January 20th, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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We are still in Pennsylvania, where we woke to a dusting of snow on the ground and watched more fall for much of the day -- mostly flurries, though it was coming down thick and fast while we were visiting Wolfgang Candy in York (at the clever suggestion of totallykate). My father-in-law had had to be in York for a checkup, and afterward we met him at Isaac's Deli for lunch, then drove to the Wolfgang chocolate factory, where the tour starts in the shop and museum but then heads outside to pass through several amazing-smelling buildings where chocolate is made.

Unlike the Hershey tour, which does not enter the real factory but takes visitors through an animated recreation of the steps in chocolate-making, the Wolfgang tour leads visitors (in required hair nets) past the machines that melt, pour, shape, fill and coat the candy, including an entire chocolate pipeline leading into the building where chocolate is put into molds and spun to create hollow Easter bunnies and Valentine hearts. The smell in the room where Utz pretzels were being coated with milk chocolate -- and we got to watch the whole process, from naked pretzels being put on the conveyor belt to the cooled chocolate-covered pretzels dropping into boxes many feet away -- is possibly the best smell in the universe.

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Older son has a bit of a cold, so we came back to Hanover as the snow was coming down hard, where we had a quiet evening watching Stewart, Colbert, and the UConn-UNC women's basketball game. On Tuesday we're planning to watch the inauguration, visit the Utz factory, and come home so the kids can do some serious studying; they have exams all the rest of this week. Happy Inauguration Day!