January 23rd, 2009

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Poem for Friday

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I did not get a lot accomplished today. I picked Daniel up from school at noon when he finished his math midterm since he's still not feeling well, we came home and had lunch. Then I had to fold the laundry that was finally dry on various pieces of furniture in the basement, and we decided to watch Deep Impact, a first for me because so many people had assured me that Armageddon was vastly superior. Which in some ways is true -- tighter screenplay, more consistent performances -- but Deep Impact has a lot to recommend it, not just Morgan Freeman as the president and Mary McCormack as an astronaut, whom I knew were in it, plus Robert Duvall, Denise Crosby, Maximilian Schell, and a ridiculously young Elijah Wood, but also Richard Schiff, Kurtwood Smith, and an equally ridiculously young Jason Dohring ("Hey Leo, you're going to have more sex than anyone in our class"), and Washington, DC as featured co-star. Tea Leoni is mediocre but the movie itself is quite enjoyable. In the late afternoon I took one son to the doctor while Paul took the other to tennis, and that was the day.

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In most regards it was a good day -- Obama signed the order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, Heath Ledger and Kate Winslet got Oscar nominations and Gran Torino didn't (I think Eastwood is overrated, though perhaps not so much so as Mickey Rourke -- I really hope Langella wins that award), plus we learned that Bush did not obey orders from Cheney to pardon Libby. And Bionic Woman/Nimueh Michelle Ryan is going to be one of the guest stars in the next Doctor Who special!

We watched Smallville in the evening, where Lana had more chemistry with Tess than she has ever had with Clark, which is a good thing for Tess as well considering that her entire backstory seems to be: 1) saved by Oliver and 2) saved by Lex, so I love that scene where she's all hot and bothered when Lana walks in on her workout, and then later when she announces to Lana, "It's nice to finally see what Lex saw in you -- you're stunning, and devious" -- whoo, bring on the femslash! Collapse ) And Jon Stewart just earned his January paycheck with his explanation that if Dick Cheney was Darth Vader, then Joe Biden is Dark Helmet. Bwaaah!