January 25th, 2009

little review

Poem for Sunday

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Daniel took the S.A.T. this morning! I have no idea how he got old enough for that to happen. Adam volunteered at Hebrew school in his place, and they both came home in reasonably good moods, so I hope that means things went well. In the afternoon, we went to Ellicott City because it was the last day to see the Holiday Festival of Trains at the B&O Railroad Museum (which we had also never visited, and was admitting Maryland Zoo members free). The train displays were fantastic -- I was expecting setups like the ones at Fairfax Station or Brunswick, but there were two massive exhibits portraying the Baltimore-Ellicott City train stations at different points in history, and several other model train displays, plus the surviving main depot, freight house, and a caboose at this oldest surviving railroad station in the U.S. And the town itself is wonderful -- dozens of antique and collectible shops, tea houses, bakeries, toy stores, and restaurants, many in historic buildings slanting down a hill where bedrock breaks through between the houses and a stream requires many bridges, some with buildings right over them. Plus they have their own Shakespeare company!

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After stopping in several of the stores (tea shop, fairy emporium, handmade chocolates), we came home for dinner only to find that the chicken had not thawed, so we went out to California Tortilla using the coupons they gave out in honor of Inauguration Day, which we weren't here to receive but the lovely woman who runs their Twitter account generously gave us anyway. It's been a really great week for me on Twitter -- and Blogger too, since I got notes from both Wolfgang's Candy and Utz thanking me for my posts about their factory tours. In the evening we watched Crusoe, which is my current favorite TV show, and I am very happy that we're going to get at least some explanation of what Blackthorn is up to and why before NBC yanks it off the air. Collapse ) We ended the evening watching a bunch of episodes of Arrested Development that had us screeching in amusement...Tobias playing Mrs. Doubtfire, and Will Arnett's Gob trying to divorce Amy Poehler's...do we ever find out her name?