January 31st, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I had lunch today with a good friend from high school whom I basically have not seen since, which was delightful...plus it was at La Madeleine in downtown Bethesda, which means I got to park and walk around a bit in a neighborhood where some of the stores have been there for over 50 years while others have turned over since I was there a few months ago. Then I came home to write a review of "Devil's Due", which is a pretty terrible episode of Next Gen, probably the worst of the fourth season...and I still like it loads better than any SGA or BSG I've watched in the past several months. I can't believe how completely I took Next Gen for granted when it was new.

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So speaking of BSG...the show is such crap and I dislike it so intensely at this point, more than back when I fell asleep during the miniseries and a bunch of people told me I was just a misogynist who couldn't deal with a female Starbuck, when I just thought it was pretentious rather than repulsive. I was thinking about Sanctuary earlier, and why I like it so much apart from Amanda Tapping -- I like Mary McDonnell too so the problem isn't that there's no strong female pulling me in. It's that Sanctuary at the core sees sentient beings the way Star Trek does: whatever you look like, however weird your background and development, there's a presumption of innate goodness and value. On BSG, the presumption is that everyone -- human and cylon alike -- is wired for self-preservation and self-interest, and will always resort to violence to promote their own ends, even pathetic cowards. Collapse )