February 1st, 2009

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Poem for Sunday

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I spent the interesting part of my day at the Maryland State Fair's Cow Palace in Timonium, where the Ellicott City Scale Model Railroad Association was hosting a train show. We were invited by my in-laws -- I am sure I have mentioned that my father-in-law is a model train enthusiast who has been working on a layout in his garage for several years now. The Great Scale Model Train Show has several massive modular displays where different people hook their model trains together to make a massive themed model railroad, plus there's a Railroad Marketplace that I can only describe as a sci-fi convention for train enthusiasts -- instead of Klingons, think overalls and conductor caps! There were some amazing model train layouts, plus hand-distressed cars and entire hand-painted villages like these.

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Adam wasn't feeling great -- he has Daniel's cold -- so he took a break from walking around for some food and got cranky after a couple of hours, trains not really being his thing. So we left around 4:30 and went to Applebee's for dinner, where in addition to nice salads there are $2.50 small-portion desserts. We got home in time to watch Crusoe -- waah, why couldn't this show have several more episodes to finish out its run? I would very happily trade never knowing the fates of everyone on Battlestar Galactica for a proper resolution for Crusoe and Friday, even though that was already written in the 1700s!

And then we put on the Retro Television Network, which shows the original Battlestar Galactica, and although our kids shrieked at first at how cheesy it looked, it ended up being "The Living Legend, Part One" -- Commander Cain and the Pegasus -- "I really think you should take a look at the other battlestar." And, Cassiopeia or no Cassiopeia, this show has some wonderful female characters and even John Colicos doesn't seem that over the top after watching Katee Sackhoff this week, and I've got news for you, kids, I still find this Adama's dilemma with this Cain more compelling than power-crazed Michelle Forbes. I had thought maybe I was misremembering the original series as better than it was, back when people were unfriending me for not thinking New Starbuck was the greatest character ever, so it's very nice to see that it holds up so well.