February 2nd, 2009


Poem for Monday

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In the morning, Daniel had robotics and Adam had Hebrew school. In the afternoon, we intended to hike a bit at Great Falls, but it was so muddy that we quickly gave up on that idea before someone slid down the rocks and sprained an ankle. So it was a pretty quiet day till late afternoon, when we packed up the tin of potato chips we bought at the Utz factory (a New York Jets tin in honor of the loyalties of the host) and went to the annual Super Bowl party hosted by my oldest friend, Linda, and her husband, Ira. We had to miss it last year because I was sick, and it was bigger than ever -- new enormous screen and surround sound, more people, people's kids older and more attentive, and even more desserts! It was a good game, though Collapse )

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I was chatting with people and didn't see all the ads, but the ones that stood out most were the Doritos "Lucky Day" ad, the Bridgestone Tires "Potato Heads" ad, the Priceline "Talk Like Shatner" ad, and the NBC "LMAO" ad which was much funnier than I've ever known any of those shows to be. We came home during the third quarter so the kids could organize their stuff for school and I could upload the big versions of the above photos -- I promised the hosts that I would get pictures of the people and the shoe pile. My meal included hot wings, cheese and fruit squares, chocolate covered pretzels, and other health foods, but tonight I am just grateful that we did not bake and eat the peanut butter cookie dough that we bought from Daniel's school choir fundraiser, since the batch number on our package has turned up on the corporate web site listing products contaminated with salmonella from that peanut plant in Georgia!