February 4th, 2009


Poem for Wednesday

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Adam graduated from the Bar-Bat Mitzvah program at Hebrew school late Tuesday afternoon, so I ran around doing chores earlier in the day. I had to do very important things like go to Best Buy so I could get Bottle Shock on its first day of release -- hey, I had $5 in rewards bucks, and I discovered that they had Love Actually for $4.99, which was obviously a sign from above that I need more Alan Rickman in my life. I also stopped at Blockbuster because I had a coupon for a free rental that had to be used by tomorrow. And I stopped in a gift shop that's going out of business in the same shopping center as Blockbuster, and grabbed some grocery necessities, and ate a quick late lunch, and took Adam to the last Hebrew school class before the commencement ceremony which we attended with my parents.

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My parents took us all out to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate Adam's graduation -- he starts Bar Mitzvah tutoring on Wednesday, so it isn't like he's actually finished, and the Judaic Studies program on weekends continues through the spring. In the evening we watched Wall-E, which the kids had refused to see in the theater on the grounds that it was a Disney movie, but then Adam got to watch at a school party and decided that we should all see. I knew it was supposed to be good, but I was completely unspoiled for most of its surprises, so I was surprised in turn at how much I loved it! Collapse )

Sears is finally supposed to fix our dryer tomorrow. Be prepared for much ranting and possible homicide charges if this does not occur.