February 5th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Thursday

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Sears was supposed to come between 8 a.m. and noon to repair the dryer. Sears didn't arrive till 3 p.m. Sears said that it would cost over $300 to replace the motor, which was shot...nearly the cost of a new dryer, without multi-year warranty. I wasn't home for all the excitement of talking to the Sears guy, because I took Adam to his first day of Bar Mitzvah tutoring, which went considerably better than the business with Sears did while Paul did the tooth-gnashing. Particularly since I'd already ground mine down during the previous several hours.

We ended up deciding to replace the dryer, spent the afternoon and evening looking at new models, picked up Daniel from robotics, dropped in on a neighbor whose older brother (with whom I went through school) was visiting. Watched Studio One's production of 1984 since older son is reading it in school, again. Fortunately it was only an hour (and had Eddie Albert, Norma Crane and Lorne Greene) because I'm too fried to think deeply about anything except how broke we are and how in hell we're going to get the deck repaired and how I'm probably never going to go to Europe with my kids again because by the time we can afford the trip, they'll be out of college.

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