February 8th, 2009

little review

Poem for Sunday

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It was a gorgeous warm sunny Saturday, so since Daniel was at robotics nearly the entire day, we took Adam to a Lunar New Year celebration at a local library, then to nearby Brookside Gardens to see the early spring plantings. The New Year festivities were sponsored by a local Chinese school and were really targeted at younger kids -- one of the performers was someone Adam knew from school, and I couldn't tell whether they were pleased or mortified to see one another -- but I learned a lot! The older students narrated while others performed dances, martial arts, music, a holiday meal and a shadow puppet show. We have missed the performances at Lakeforest Mall the past couple of years, so it was nice to get to see these. And now I know why there is not a cat in the Chinese zodiac!

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We walked through the nature center and greenhouses at Wheaton Regional Park before we went into the gardens, where the ice was melting in the pond and the Christmas lights were still on some of the trees. Then we picked up Daniel from his school and came home for dinner, after which I folded the last of the many laundries necessitated by the lack of a working dryer for two weeks! (And I discovered that my complete Xena set has two dud discs in the second season, some of my favorite episodes...arrgghh! Have written angry note to the seller!) Then we put on Retro TV, expecting to see the second half of last week's classic Battlestar Galactica, but instead we got the second half of a two-parter I don't remember with the soundtrack nearly two minutes off the visuals...it looked like a pretty mediocre episode, but it was so screamingly funny with the vocals in the wrong place (Cylon voice coming out of Adama's mouth, Baltar's voice coming out of Athena's) that we ended up enjoying it a lot!