February 9th, 2009

little review

Poem for Monday

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I dropped and broke the liquid screen on my phone -- the one I just replaced a few months ago after slamming in a car door -- while being rushed to go get Daniel, who didn't actually need to be picked up for another hour anyway. This has put me in such a bad mood that, even though we took a lovely walk beforehand along the C&O Canal and Potomac River at Pennyfield Lock and saw Canada geese and mated vulture pairs, I shall post only photos of the ruined historic Pennyfield Inn, which is scheduled to be torn down as soon as the National Park Service gets around to it:

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In other news, we bought cat litter after waiting in line for like half an hour; I had to put every single disc of my new complete Xena box set in the DVD player to make sure they played after discovering that two second-season discs (including the one with "A Day in the Life") was a complete dud; and the Grammys show no signs of ending any time soon and if it hadn't been for old guys like Paul McCartney and Neil Diamond, I'd be ashamed to have watched (that "I Kissed a Girl" production number was revolting). So I am going to take my very cranky butt to bed and hope that the washing machine, DVDs and phone count as my share of mechanical difficulties for the month!