February 10th, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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My day started with Paul calling to tell me that his car had overheated on the way to work. He took it to get it serviced, where they told him there was a coolant leak that involved the water pump and required the engine to be taken apart to fix. You know how I was saying yesterday that I thought we'd used up our mechanical bad karma for the month? HAHAHAHAHA! So, yeah, another $500+ down the drain. Ah well, when people ask us what we got each other for Valentine's Day, he can say he got me a clothes dryer and I can say I got him a new timing belt.

At least the day could only get better, which it did. cidercupcakes came over and took me out to California Tortilla (well, I drove, after she explained to me the virtues of angry driving), plus we got a bag of Dove Miniatures. Then we came back here and watched four episodes of Merlin, and it's hard to stay overly cranky while watching Merlin's early demonstrations of why Arthur affectionately calls him an idiot and discussing how Morgana should just come out and tell Gwen how she feels, already when she gets back from bending Uther over his period-anachronistic furniture.

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In the afternoon I took Adam to tennis, where he had a substitute teacher he didn't much like, then we went to pick up Paul since he had no vehicle and came home to find Daniel. Dinner was an exercise in failure since Paul had intended to make chili with corn bread, only to discover that we had no eggs, so we had canned soup and frozen chicken nuggets instead. We watched Heroes, which now appears to want to be Battlestar Galactica when it grows up (and I do NOT mean that in a good way). Collapse )