February 11th, 2009

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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Yet another thrilling day around here with mechanical difficulties -- I should just stop posting for a while, huh? Not a bad day, really...apaulled worked from home, perkypaduan came over and we watched the three Merlin episodes that follow the four I watched with cidercupcakes the day before, then finally my replacement phone arrived and I spent several hours taking off the T-Mobile memory-eating programs that I don't use, tweaking the registry, and configuring the settings the way I like them. I cannot stress this enough: Asurion equipment insurance is worth every penny. *adores*

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Evening consisted of the Charlie Brown Valentine's Day specials (very mediocre compared to the Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas specials), listening to younger son practice the violin, listening to older son explain what he's working on in robotics, chatting with a friend whom I just learned is expecting a baby, and trying to figure out who won the Israeli elections. Which it sounds like Israel is still doing, too.