February 19th, 2009

little review

Poem for Thursday

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My only significant event of the day, besides enjoying a brief snow squall and squeeing delightedly at the Doctor Who casting spoiler (thank you Russell T. Davies for keeping your promise), was taking my kids to the ophthalmologist. The doctor visit itself was fine; it's always slow waiting for the drops to dilate their eyes and they get restless because they can't do homework or read while waiting, but neither of them has had any significant change in vision in the past two years, which is good. I am still laughing, however, because the receptionist refused to let me have one of the lollipops in the container for patients who had behaved on the grounds that it would make the other kids waiting in the lobby jealous ("the other kids" being two teenage siblings of a patient to whom it really would not have been a crisis for her to have offered lollipops). This woman is scarier than my kindergarten teacher, who was terrifying!

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In the evening the kids made me watch Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior, so we could record it off cable. We have seen all of the previous Pokemon movies, but I only had to sit all the way through the first two, when we were required to take the kids to see them in the movie theater...I believe I fell asleep during the one with the big white bird (Lugia?). I sort of liked the one with the evil Pokemon cat and N'Sync's recording of "Somewhere, Someday" on the soundtrack, except I was rooting for the villain since he could talk instead of just saying "Pika!" and "Squirtle!" The new movie has a penguin Pokemon called Piplup that dances when it's happy, so I would have to rate it higher than some of the Pokemon movies I've seen -- the one with Manaphy was too annoying for words!