February 28th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I got up stupidly early because I wanted to get enough coins to buy a Superpoke Pets television before they sold out, an activity that Adam had strongly encouraged the night before. I thought that after that, I was going to have a quiet day getting things done at home, but gblvr offered to come over and bring bagels, which was a much more appealing option! So my laundry is not put away, but I had a lovely afternoon involving lox spread and Doctor Who -- because she hadn't watched the Sontaran episodes, and I hadn't watched "Midnight" since discovering Colin Morgan on Merlin.

While gblvr was here, I worked on a review of "Night Terrors", which was difficult because it's really not a great episode. Imagine my surprise to find that tonight's Terminator had a very similar theme -- insomnia and dreams that may not be. I tend to like stories focused heavily on Sarah rather than John, so while it wasn't my very favorite episode, it was one of the better ones.

We put on a Xena episode rather than subject ourselves to Dollhouse again -- Paul was out for part of it anyway picking up Daniel after robotics -- though I saw the first five minutes and part of the last five minutes, and actually chose to watch Sci-Fi's long cluster of pre-BSG commercials rather than more Joss Whedon Exploits Hot Girls! BS-Gee wasn't bad this week, great performances all around, my favorite Starbuck episode in ages and ages, and I am laughing my ass off that a prediction I posted here after the freakin' miniseries was apparently correct. To think I didn't need to watch the show to figure out its secrets! Collapse )

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