March 1st, 2009

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I had a nice lazy relaxing morning at home while Daniel was at the last day of the DC robotics competition, at which his team did not do as well as they had hoped, which he came home unhappy about, but they also had Mongolian barbecue and sang karaoke and he rode the Metro by himself for the first time this weekend, so in general he seems pleased with the event and they're hoping to finish better in the Chesapeake regional competition in a few weeks. We even got to watch a bit of the competition on the NASA TV internet channel at home when Daniel texted to tell us that it was on. Meanwhile Adam persuaded Paul to adopt a Superpoke Pet on Facebook -- having had enough of telling me which items he thought I should buy for mine -- so I sent him a hermit crab, a milkshake, a stuffed penguin, and other important items, though I have made no progress in Club Penguin so far this weekend, even though Captain Rockhopper is visiting.

After lunch, while Daniel was still downtown, we decided to take Adam hiking at Great Falls -- the Virginia side this time, for variety. We walked to Matildaville and along the river trail for a bit. The water was pretty high and quite green; there were kayakers and a pair of herons in flight that we could see paralleling the Maryland bank. We had chicken satay for dinner and watched two episodes of Xena from the Eli arc (a.k.a. "What if stories about Jesus had focused on women?"), both of which were awesome. By then Daniel was home, ravenously hungry despite having eaten an entire funnel cake by himself after lunch...he will often ask for Xena if there's nothing else on, which delights me. So it wasn't a very eventful Saturday but it was a pretty good one!

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