March 2nd, 2009


Poem for Monday

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We woke to perhaps a quarter inch of snow and a winter storm watch, so we spent the day warily eyeing the weather and didn't venture too far from home. We did stock up on milk and cereal just in case, and we went to the pet store to get cat litter -- that really could not be postponed, especially if the county trash pickup happens on schedule Monday morning. We also got the cats a new scratching post/cat tree/place to attempt to leap onto higher furniture; I would have taken photos, but they are currently still checking it out and leaping down whenever anyone pays too much attention to them on it.

Evening was quiet -- stew for dinner, kids finishing homework and playing various video and computer games (Adam explained to me how to get onto Rockhopper's ship in Club Penguin and get a free treasure map, hee), and I had big piles of laundry to fold, which naturally called for the Hercules Celtic episodes. (Yes, I know those are terrible portrayals of Morrigan and Cernunnos; I don't take any of the mythology on these shows as remotely accurate or connected to anything theologically, they're equal opportunity offenders.) I will likely have my children home at least part of Monday, so let's hope it's good sledding snow!

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Happy March, by the way!