March 5th, 2009

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I'd written an entry and the browser crashed and I lost it, so you get an extreme rush job tonight. I am really ready for this month's migraine to end, so I have nothing interesting to report anyway -- I mostly did chores. Went looking for tasteful penguin place cards for the Bar Mitzvah (no luck yet). Went to CVS to pick up prescriptions and stuff. Took younger son to Bar Mitzvah tutoring. Put earrings on my new Eiffel Tower earring tree ($20 at The Icing, quite silly and completely awesome). Bought younger son a laptop for his Superpoke Pet (you may be scoffing but this was a big deal to him and made me a Good Mom for at least three hours).

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I know there was other stuff but I'm too fried now to think what. The kids surprised us by wanting to watch the second half of Oliver Twist -- they'd seen the first half at my in-laws, but missed the second half due to a school night bedtime, so even though I really disliked it (great acting, miserable story, my least favorite Dickens by a long stretch), we put it on and had a long discussion about gender, religion, class and status in Victorian England. So I suppose it was worthwhile watching, even though I didn't enjoy it any better than the first time!