March 6th, 2009

little review

Poem for Friday

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I spent a very lovely afternoon with dementordelta shopping, eating and watching a movie. We were only planning to stop in The Icing so she could get an Eiffel Tower earring rack after I showed off mine, but we ended up visiting Sephora (which does not have the Barbie makeup tins in stores, only online), Fire & Ice (which has stunning dichroic glass snakes and snails), and Brighton (where we only very narrowly escaped buying charm bracelets). Then we picked up burritos at Qdoba and ate them while watching last year's film of Brideshead Revisited, which cannot compare to the miniseries but is very pretty -- both the men and the scenery. Collapse )

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TV Thursday night was the Star Trek episode I need to review tomorrow, followed by Xena's "Between the Lines." Oh, and I have truly entertaining entertainment news: Alan Doyle reports on Great Big Sea's web site that he will play Allan A'Dayle in Russell Crowe's upcoming Sheriff of Nottingham film! In which Alan says Cate Blanchett will co-star, though I didn't think that was confirmed yet -- it would make me very, very happy! "I went, Lute in hand, to read and sing for the part and must have done all right, as I've been offered and accepted the gig," wrote Doyle. Hee, this movie is going to rock.