March 12th, 2009

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I spent all freakin' day fighting with my mobile phone calendar and contacts. Since I got the new phone, I've synced them both using Plaxo because Outlook had given me so much trouble previously, but apparently Plaxo didn't reset their clocks for Daylight Savings Time, because all my mobile calendar events have been an hour off since last weekend and they're off on the Plaxo site as well -- plus Plaxo knocked them off on Google, and I know it's Plaxo and not Google causing the error because I have another Google calendar that my whole family uses and that one adjusted fine. So I thought I'd try syncing directly with Google now that they have a beta mobile sync, which appeared to work fine...except the phone reversed everyone's first and last names in my contacts, and imported several duplicates, and when I tried to erase those and sync again it didn't work, so I had to start over, and...let's just say I have to try again some other way tomorrow. *growls*

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Otherwise, it was a gorgeous day here. When I drove Adam to Hebrew school for Bar Mitzvah tutoring in the afternoon, there were nearly 20 robins in the grass out front, plus a bluejay and a bunny (which I didn't see because I was driving but son pointed out). After that I dropped him off at home so he could do his homework and picked up Daniel, who was in urgent need of new sneakers...his shoe size is now bigger than Paul's. I worked a bit on organizing addresses for Bar Mitzvah invitations, watched the early Stewart/Colbert rerun so the kids could see Jon Stewart with Dora the Explorer, and ended my evening with Stephen Colbert making me howl discussing Ayn Rand's resurgence during the recession ("the titans of industry begin to disappear...and it's not because they've been indicted!").