March 14th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I am delighted to report that my calendar and contacts have apparently remained synchronized the entire day, even when I tested them by making corrections and additions. This means that I got Adam to his orthodontist appointment on the correct day and at the correct time -- there was a man there arguing that his daughter's appointment must have been at two, not three, since that's what he wrote down, and I wanted to ask him whether he synced his calendar with Plaxo. There is now a bubble tea stand in the mall where the orthodontist has offices, which makes going there vastly more pleasant.

I also wrote a review of "The Nth Degree", which I don't love, though as usual, after watching Friday night television, it's looking better than it did on Thursday night. The best thing I saw this evening was Xena on DVD. Terminator wasn't bad -- I figured Jesse must have more backstory than we'd seen, though I wasn't all that confident they'd ever tell us since we only ever got bits of Riley's. BS-Gee's flashback sequences just sort of blew on by me -- NOW we get this? I have one wish for the finale, and that's that Lee not get killed. I figure anyone or everyone could be dead by the end, and if I get to pick one person from that universe who might maybe be allowed to survive, as much as I wish I could pin my hopes on Laura, I'm picking him.

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