March 17th, 2009

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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The invitation order is finished, the guest list has been converted into an Excel document (*insert bloodcurdling screams here*) and exported to the web site that will in turn send them to the invitation printer to be put on the envelopes, and the table cards are underway -- by which I mean penguin graphics have been obtained and we have moved on to the phase where we see what looks best with which font. That plus the sheets/towels being washed plus Adam being driven to his tennis lesson were all I accomplished on Monday, plus getting tutoring sessions with the rabbi moved so they don't conflict with the tennis lessons. (You all should probably brace yourselves for an increasing number of entries like this over the next couple of months, just so you're warned.) I am not really crabby but here, have some Maryland Science Center crabs anyway:

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We were going to watch the first part of David Copperfield, which we recorded last night when it was on public television, but older son took so long in the shower that we decided we might as well wait till the second part airs so we can watch them on consecutive nights and found Nim's Island on cable instead. I don't always like Jodie Foster -- truth be told, I often loathe her even more than Gwyneth Paltrow -- so I didn't pay much attention to this film and I had either overlooked or blocked out the fact that Gerard Butler is in it too. We all enjoyed it, even the kids who initially rolled their eyes; Adam liked the lizards, birds, and sea lion, Daniel liked the science nerd appreciation. And I shall refrain from commenting on AIG, SyFy or any other abbreviated idiocy because, well, I'm sleepy and I don't want to get mad or start laughing.

Happy St. Patrick's Day if you're Irish, and happy March Drinking Day if you're not!