March 19th, 2009

little review

Poem for Thursday

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I posted this poem in April 2007 but I was in the mood for it tonight. I don't have anything of interest to report: worked on an article and Bar Mitzvah stuff, took Adam to Hebrew, folded laundry while watching Made of Honor for the New York and Scotland scenery (I had a Jane Austenesque response to the movie: I'd have married stable, musically gifted, well-hung Kevin McKidd just for his house and gardens; I'd never trust that Patrick Dempsey wouldn't melt down under the weight of his neuroses and end up just like his father). This film doesn't think very highly of women and what they want, all of it being material -- heroine more upset about not having the dream wedding shower than not having the dream boyfriend -- so I feel no shame about admitting this.

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I'd heard that they'd turned off Richardson's life support when I decided to put on Blow Dry (currently on Comcast On Demand) in the evening; I saw the headlines that she had died about the halfway point. There's a lot I love about that movie, not least of which is the rest of the cast (Alan Rickman, Rachel Griffiths, Bill Nighy, Rosemary Harris, Hugh Bonneville, et al), and all the Yorkshire scenery, but I also really like the story, though it was awful to watch Richardson playing someone who was dying (the last thing I watched Liam Neeson in was Love, Actually in which he plays a widower...someone spoil me for Taken and tell me if it has a happy ending). Anyway, Adam loves the scene with the colorful sheep and we all love the soundtrack, but it was very bittersweet.