March 21st, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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A blessed Ostara. Yeah, I'm still behind on comments and e-mails and everything. That's what the weekend is for, unless it's nice out and we end up going out...well, and on Sunday we're going to see the production of Sweeney Todd at my son's high school, and tomorrow we may go to museums in Baltimore or we may go to the Super Pet Expo (husband swears he was not googling Superpoke Pets but we are not sure we believe him, hee). My allergies are bothering me and I've had a headache all day, but the upside of this is that there are forsythia and daffodils and dogwood coming into bloom. I shall try to get photos over the weekend.

I did write a review of "Qpid", which has only grown more enjoyable with time, since Vash no longer annoys me -- I've liked her better and better with time -- and the sheer silliness of it, combined with the shameless homoeroticism, makes me smile. Much more than the ongoing Dead Woman Syndrome of The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the sheer stupidity of Battlestar Galactica, which should have ended with the mid-season shocker and not X-Filed itself into pretentious irrelevancy. Or perhaps I should say even more hyperbolic pretentious irrelevancy. Collapse )

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