March 24th, 2009

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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The main event of my Monday was a dentist appointment. My dentist shares office space with my kids' dentist, so although I had the really excellent hygienist who doesn't scrape till my gums bleed and doesn't polish till I'm ready to cry (I can deal with the drill, but not the super-powered polishing brush that vibrates my whole body), there was a small child in the other half of the office wailing loudly enough to be heard over the Bee Gees. Fortunately I remember all too well the hygienist at my former dentist's office, who had a degree from the Marquis de Sade School of Dental Hygiene, plus my dentist keeps winning magazine awards among local dentists.

I did a bit of shopping in the mall afterward -- Paul's birthday is Tuesday, and I needed to get him a card from the cats, and chocolate -- then went up the strip to Bagel City, where I got a tuna bagel for lunch and lox spread to bring home for breakfast for everyone. Adam had tennis in the afternoon, with his former teacher substituting for his current teacher which was fine because he liked him. I don't really have anything to say about Heroes -- was happy to see the return of Collapse ) but the storyline is so convoluted at this point and people have switched sides and died/returned so many times that I don't care about anyone except a bit of affection for Hiro and Claire.

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Am I the last to know about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? Jules, are you sure you didn't write this?