March 25th, 2009

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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It was apaulled's birthday, so I picked him up from work and we went out for Indian food together at lunchtime. It was slightly less mobbed than last time, perhaps a victim of the economy, because they had lowered lunch buffet prices by a dollar, which was very nice considering they hadn't taken anything off the buffet that we could tell! (I had tandoori, korma and curry chicken, some kind of spicy cauliflower and potatoes, dal makhani, paneer, some kind of crusty spicy potato, naan, and a bit of kheer -- I was too full for the gulab jamun.) Afterward I dropped him back at work and went to Target to get underwear and socks for the boys who keep growing and getting holes in theirs. And I stopped off to get a little birthday cake with lots of sugary icing, which is what he usually likes.

apaulled had brought home Howl's Moving Castle on DVD from the library, and though I know I watched it with someone when it first came out on DVD, I must have been distracted, because I had forgotten most of the details. It's probably my favorite Miyazaki film -- I relate to Sofi much more than Chihiro, I like the anti-war theme, and I appreciate that the Beauty and the Beast parallels in this one have so little to do with saving parents or being an obedient daughter. Also, the scenery is breathtaking, particularly the city scenes and the fantasy fields of flowers. I must remember to buy this one. Meanwhile, we had some excitement in the back window for much of the evening:

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