April 8th, 2009

little review

Poem for Wednesday

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On Tuesday we paid a visit to the orthodontist to repair the bracket that Adam broke while eating a bagel on Monday. Since we were already in the mall, we then stopped in GameStop to look at the Nintendo DSi, since Daniel has been making noises about replacing his original DS now that the battery doesn't hold much of a charge. Long story short, since both kids had money saved, we came home with two DSi systems, and the very happy boys spent the afternoon (at least during the times when I did not throw them outside to enjoy the fresh air) playing with the cameras, web browsers, and sound distortion applications. I must admit that this is the first Nintendo system I have ever been at all interested in; I still have zero attraction to Pokemon Platinum or Nintendogs, but now you can learn Spanish, check your Gmail, take a photo of your cat and put it on Mario's face, play a Chipmunks-sounding version of "Purple Rain" and various other fun things.

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Paul wanted to record The Doors on cable and we ended up watching it after dinner while it was on -- more R-rated than I remembered and I still loathe the way Oliver Stone characterizes women in pretty much every film he's ever made, but Val Kilmer and Kyle Maclachlan both give terrific performances and I never get tired of the music. Then we watched the NCAA women's final, where I rooted halfheartedly for UConn -- for them because I like the fact that the school supports their women as much as they support their men, halfheartedly because I knew my in-laws would announce that both the UConn men AND women should have won and I'd find myself actually secretly glad that it was the much-despised (around here) UNC instead. Then Colbert made me howl hysterically with his NAMBLA and evil Star Trek twin references, so I can go to bed happy.