April 9th, 2009

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Chag Sameach! I spent most of the morning working on a surprisingly fun editing job while the kids ran around indoors and out making noise, then my in-laws arrived and we caught up on the news of the world and the family since they went out to visit my husband's two brothers on the west coast before we headed to my parents for the Seder along with a friend with whom my mother teaches and her family (husband, twin boys the same age as my older son).

As always the food was fantastic and as always I ate too much -- my favorite parts of the meal are the appetizers (charoset, gefilte fish, matzoh ball soup) so I only had a few bites each of the dinner courses (roasted chicken, carrot souffle, matzoh kugel, potato pancake) before moving on to dessert (Nubian chocolate roll, macaroons, coconut and mint patties, fruit slices). Now I am very full and sleepy and we are getting up early to go to gardens in the Brandywine Valley, so here are some photos of armor for sparowe:

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I keep rejoicing in the moment on Twitter and forgetting to mention here how happy I am about the changes in gay marriage laws in Iowa, Vermont, and Washington, DC in the past several days. That's what I'm celebrating this Passover.