April 10th, 2009

little review

Poem for Friday

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I spent a lovely Thursday with my family and dementordelta at two glorious du Pont estates in the Brandywine Valley -- Winterthur and Longwood Gardens. Though it's too early for azaleas and most rhodododendrons, there was plenty of blooming blue ground cover, plus glorious pink and white flowering trees and lots of tulips and hyacinth. Winterthur has carefully cultivated woods, a onetime golf course with daffodil traps, and a children's garden with a stone circle, fairy tale structures and a labyrinth; we spent a lot of time walking in the latter, then saw the brief movie before the tour (which we got all to ourselves because no one else arrived in the 15 minutes after we did) of Henry Francis du Pont's collections of American furniture plus wallpapers and collectibles from all over the world.

We had lunch in the little sandwich shop at Winterthur and visited the temporary exhibit on the furniture of Southeastern Massachusetts before going to Longwood Gardens, which currently has three amazing treehouses in the outdoor gardens, working fountains in the Italian Water Garden, and plenty of lilies and poppies in the conservatory as well as the bonsai, cacti, palms, acacia, roses and orchids. We visited the topiary garden and walked around the lake before we headed back toward home, stopping at the Maryland House because we had discovered that there's a Phillips Express there and we were in the mood for crab. Here are some photos from the fantastic Indoor Children's Garden at Longwood:

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I am very sleepy now since we didn't get back till after 9 and Adam had awoken me at 6:30 to get Japanese hot springs for our Superpoke penguins, so I must go collapse!