April 11th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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Hello from Hanover, Pennsylvania, where I am visiting my in-laws for the weekend (they celebrate, we don't, but we got here after their Good Friday services and will sleep late while they're at Easter morning services on Sunday). We spent the morning getting ready -- I had a bunch of work and e-mail I had to catch up on since I was barely home yesterday, and I watched and wrote a review of "Half a Life", a sad but terrific Next Gen episode. En route to Pennsylvania, we stopped in the local mall to return the chargers for the kids' old DS systems -- they'd told us we could get an additional $20 on the trade-ins if we brought them back -- and ran into my mother, who is watching our house and feeding our cats.

We had a relatively quiet evening, though we did manage to watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a show whose fate I wasn't very invested in at the end of last season but which I now am really hoping will return, though signs don't look good. There was a lot of crazy time-loopy stuff in this season or series finale, but also some really nice stuff -- lovely moments between Sarah and John, a really creepy powerful scene between John and Cameron, the return of someone I wasn't sure we'd see again, Shirley Manson's best performance yet, the awesomeness of John Henry and (as always) really terrific special effects. Having sat through Battlestar Galactica and various other more ballyhooed sci-fi series, I've learned to appreciate this one.

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Since Daniel has finished most of his homework, I think we are going to Lancaster on Saturday for farmer's markets, smorgasbord and science museums!