April 12th, 2009

little review

Poem for Sunday

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I have had a lovely if rather long day in Pennsylvania, which started with getting up early so we could go to the Hanover Market at 9:30 and pick up a coconut cake before they sold out of that and the Easter chocolates that my father-in-law wanted. The market is quite large and has baked goods, jams, crafts and candy produced locally by Mennonite families, plus terrific prices on imported British tea. We came back briefly to drop off our purchases, then got back in the van and drove to Dienner's Country Restaurant in Ronks, which is a Pennsylvania Dutch town near Paradise and Intercourse -- we've eaten there before, and the food is always very good, with dozens of desserts, particularly pies.

After lunch, we walked to a nearby Amish quilt shop and The Outhouse -- a store that sells all manner of practical jokes as well as local souvenirs and pop culture collectibles and toys. Then we drove to Franklin & Marshall to visit the North Museum, a local science museum. First we went to the planetarium, which has a show on the planets narrated by Kate Mulgrew, which cracked me up for reasons known to many of you; then we went to see the dinosaur bones, Native American artifacts, large display of old-fashioned cabinets full of minerals and taxidermied animals; then we went to two visiting exibits, one on the wildlife and geology of the Arctic, another a large display of photos of penguins. Our last stop was the reptile room, which has live turtles, snakes, lizards, and some poisonous creatures.

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I was very fortunate through the kindness of another to get to watch "Planet of the Dead"; I was very unhappy with the way Doctor Who ended last season and with casting spoilers for the long-term future of the franchise, but I could not have loved Michelle Ryan and David Tennant more in this one. I've loved Ryan in everything I've ever seen her in -- I was one of the five people who never missed an episode of the Bionic Woman revival, and I adore her on Merlin -- but even so, I have little faith in the writing of the Doctor's companions at this point, so she was an utterly delightful surprise. Collapse )

I stopped trying to read my friends list after the tenth post about the superiority of Dreamwidth and trying to import entries and ooh how can we crosspost and only my very best friends will get my codes... I remember when it was JournalFen that was going to be the savior of everyone so long as you could get a code, then when it was InsaneJournal that we were morally obligated to support in the name of free fandom, and I'm still waiting for the Archive of Our Own that's going to be better than the source material itself, so you will forgive me if I am both skeptical and annoyed at the cliquishness of people insisting that we had better grovel our way onto this new bandwagon or fandom will leave us behind. Oddly enough, fandom seems to keep finding its way back here...

Happy Easter if you are celebrating!