April 13th, 2009

little review

Poem for Monday

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We spent a relaxed Easter in Hanover with my in-laws, who went to church at 9 a.m. while we slept in; then they came home and we had brunch (pancakes, turkey sausage, eggs, muffins/bagels...yeah, not keeping Passover). After all that food, we decided we needed exercise. We went to Codorus State Park, where we tried to play frisbee, but the wind made it very difficult, so instead we headed toward the woods and hiked around the chestnut trees and campground. Adam made sure we were back at my in-laws' at 3 p.m. so we could search for the golden egg on Superpoke Pets...the site crashed when we first logged on, but we managed to get our Egg Hunter badges, though son was disappointed not to win the gold.

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I watched "Planet of the Dead" again so the whole family could see it and enjoyed it just as much the second time...maybe more, even, since I wasn't so tense about the ominous-sounding title. Collapse ) It all seems so incredibly contrary to the previous "we'll sell everything and it's not our problem if kids order condoms" ethos that I am inclined to believe their corporate rebuttals to some extent. I don't believe it was "just a glitch" since someone had to have been ready with a specific list of items whose records were yanked, but I really do wonder whether a couple of fanatical employees got up to something unauthorized, because it boggles my mind that Jeff Bezos might be trying NOT to sell something.