April 14th, 2009

little review

Poem for Tuesday

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For the last day of spring break, we went to Mount Vernon to see the lambs. We knew from experience that they would be out in the public pens by this time of year, and it was a gorgeous, clear, not-too-warm day. Alexandria didn't look too crowded when we drove through despite its being a work day with construction on Route 1, but Mount Vernon's parking lots were overflowing with tourists. I imagine there was a wait to get into the mansion, but we didn't try -- we save that for bad weather days. Instead we walked first to the small open barn with Hog Island sheep, where there were about two dozen lambs running around after their mothers in the field or resting in the shade; then we stopped to see the orchard, pigs, cattle, and chickens on the way to the lower farm near the river, where we talked to reenactors cooking over an open fire and visited more sheep.

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We had a late lunch at California Tortilla because the lines in the Mount Vernon cafeteria were very long, then stopped to get Daniel poster board for a school project before I took Adam to tennis, which was not postponed for spring break. There were only three kids this week so again he had a nearly private lesson, though the woman he doesn't like very much was teaching rather than the two guys he does like. We had soup for dinner since we had a big late lunch, then we all watched Heroes, which I liked because it was an Angela Petrelli story and involved most of the characters I like without most of the ones who annoy me (and Diana Scarwid!), but it did nothing to convince me that the current producers can make any sense of the last four hundred plot twists (and I think they completely contradicted something we knew about Mohinder's father, but I may just be confused without a scorecard). The Orioles pulled out their game against Texas, so the evening ended well!