April 15th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Wednesday

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On Tuesday the kids went back to school (finally!) and I attempted to make a dent in the ten million chores that did not get done last week. I talked for an hour to the woman who's probably going to be our Bar Mitzvah photographer (I haven't actually seen the contract, but I like her a lot), answered a pile of e-mail, worked on a map to enclose with invitations that husband ended up having to modify so he could print and photocopy it, and started to head to the post office for stamps only to realize that until after April 15th, that's a masochistic plan, and turning around. When Adam got home from school, I drove him downtown for the first meeting with the rabbi, who was impressed with his knowledge of his Torah portion and got him started on the essay that will turn into the speech about it.

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I am days behind cropping and uploading photos, days behind on laundry, and days behind on reading news that didn't make it onto Twitter or Facebook (meaning anything not about AmazonFail, the Obama dog or actual real life horrible pirates being shot by US snipers, not apparently that that stops anyone reporting from being fascinated with them). I did manage to watch the third episode of The Tudors, which like all the rest was historically silly and highly entertaining; I wasn't sure I'd like the show without Anne Boleyn, but it isn't like Jane will be around long enough for me to get sick of her (oops, is that a spoiler? Titanic sank!) and I'm really enjoying Mary Tudor, which is very unusual! And for the past 10 minutes I have been laughing about the C.O.L.B.E.R.T. until my side aches, so I am off to bed!