April 16th, 2009

little review

Poem for Thursday

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Other than stamps, I have the Bar Mitzvah invitations all ready to go! perkypaduan came over while I was putting things together and we watched the last two Doctor Who specials...I wasn't sure "Planet of the Dead" would hold up so well in proximity to "The Next Doctor," but I have to admit that it really does, not in terms of drama or production value so much as the radical concept that a woman can be completely awesome while at the same time being selfish, thrill-seeking, bossy, hungry for glory and quite independent...and she doesn't deserve to be punished for it any more than the Doctor does, because the Doctor is all those things too. (And you can't throw me out of the fandom because I'm not actually IN the fandom so nyah.) We also ate lunch and entertained the cats, so that was a very delightful couple of hours.

I did a lot of running around this afternoon...Adam had Bar Mitzvah tutoring at the home of the tutor since the school was closed for Passover, though his tutor was fielding phone calls and getting her house painted so it was a bit of a chaotic session, then we picked up Daniel in the rain from the bus stop and I tried to get a laundry in but kept getting interrupted by other chores, and frankly I have no idea where the evening went...we rewatched last night's Daily Show and Colbert Report because we figured the kids had to see the Somali pirate attack reenacted by John Oliver and Sunita Williams breaking the news to Stephen Colbert that he wasn't getting a space bathroom named after him, then an early Xena episode, all while working on various projects. And now I am exhausted without having accomplished half of what I wanted to do.

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Hope everyone got their taxes mailed!