April 17th, 2009


Poem for Friday

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The Bar Mitzvah envelopes are stamped and just need to be mailed and then I can move on to the next set of tasks! This does not sound like it should have been an activity that took much of the day, I know, but I was in line at the post office for nearly an hour because at 1 p.m. they had only a single window open in my local branch office that I've never seen with a line less than ten deep. And they had to go hunting for Forever stamps, after trying to persuade me to buy the pretty Love stamps, which are fine on the outer envelopes but a lot of people will be sending the reply cards back after the price of stamps goes up in a few weeks, so the stamp on the reply card envelope had to be good both before and after the switch.

Other things I did today: bought the farm (sorry, Superpoke Pets joke -- and they were sold out of strawberry plants before 6:30 a.m. Eastern time which is just unfair), discussed teabagging-based humor with children (thanks very much Fox News), got messages from two old friends -- one whom I basically haven't heard from in a decade, another whom I basically haven't heard from in two -- and wrote back, watched Hornblower: The Fire Ship in which Pellew is sooo jealous Horatio might like Foster better (Daniel kept comparing the proclamations about neutrality to things Zap Brannigan would say, hee), and surrendered to the Dreamwidth hype for long enough to conclude that various things don't work but say they're working fine, which is more infuriating than having them say "Sorry, this is broken but we're in beta so that's what you get" -- I get that it's the brand new shiny, but c'mon, folks, at least wait till it's working to tell us it's the best thing ever and we all must pack up and move at once!

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Between Jon Stewart's scrotal-based humor and telling Ben Affleck that he should kiss Russell Crowe in the preview for State of Play, I am at least relaxed and happy now. Oh, and I hate reality TV and did not expect to be moved in the least by Susan Boyle, who is right now my favorite pop culture phenomenon, and I know I should be embarrassed, but that YouTube video makes me smile too much and the media mea culpas for being ready to laugh at her and write her off make me smile even more.