April 18th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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The invitations are in the mail! As is the photo that we realized on Thursday night that we needed to mail on Friday or it wouldn't get to the temple by Monday so it can be printed in the temple bulletin, which required that I find an appropriate photo (younger son at Longwood Garden in "Peace, Love & Penguins" shirt from the Central Park Zoo -- he still had long hair in his school photo), upload it to CVS, retrieve it from CVS despite county idiots repainting crosswalk at 2 p.m. across both lanes of major intersection, requiring much hold-up of traffic, and take it to the post office with the invitations. Go me!

In the afternoon I wrote a review of "The Host" -- someone complained last week that I had pretty much the opposite opinion from popular Trek reviewer Jammer, and I looked this week and guess what, we have pretty much opposite opinions again. I fail as a fanboy! Younger son was invited to a sleepover birthday party so we had to get a gift for the birthday boy, then we dropped him off on the way to dinner with my parents. In the evening we put on The Handmaid's Tale which I'd been meaning to rewatch since Natasha Richardson died...it isn't nearly as powerful as the book, but it's oddly less dated in some ways, too. Older son likes dystopian fiction so I thought he might appreciate it.

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