April 23rd, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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I did a bit of running around on Wednesday, but I managed not to get a headache despite weather fronts flitting through threatening rain and dropping the temperatures, so it's all to the good. I went to pick up a CD-RW burner from a freecycler (thought it was DVD-RW but no big deal) and wound up talking to her for a long time -- in the course of conversation it came up that she has a son at school at McGill University and she told me that we really needed to take Adam to the Montreal Biodome. Then, a couple of hours later, we were meeting with Rabbi Lustig, who saw Adam's penguin t-shirt from the Memphis Zoo and immediately asked whether we had seen the penguins at the Montreal Biodome. I think a higher power is telling me that we need to go see the penguins in Montreal!

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In between the freecycling and the temple (where we met Adam's B'nai Mitzvah partner -- they're always done in pairs -- who seemed very nice, as was her mother, and not at all snobby which I'm afraid many of the members of this congregation can be), I stopped at the mall to look for various penguin souvenirs and tchotchkes and ran into my father, who was looking to upgrade the Bluetooth in his phone so it will work with his car. I was listening to Forbidden Broadway in the car courtesy dementordelta, and "Don't Cry For Me, Barbra Streisand" gave me a huge craving to watch Evita, so I have been letting Madonna, Antonia Banderas and Jonathan Pryce entertain me all evening.