April 25th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I spent a lot of the day with gblvr, interrupted so I could take Adam to the orthodontist. We met at the mall and did a bit of looking at jewelry, then I left to retrieve Adam, who was getting his twelve-year molars capped as well as his braces adjusted. While he was with the dentist, I looked in Bloomingdale's and Lord & Taylor since those are in that mall, but I found only that Lord & Taylor has the most hideous clothes of any season I can remember, while everything I liked even a little in Bloomingdale's cost five times as much as I wanted to spend so I didn't try any of it on. I wish Holy Clothing made petites. Anyway, gblvr came over when I got back and we watched Merlin and goofed off on Facebook, and I posted my review of "The Mind's Eye, though TrekToday has a new file system and it isn't even showing up on the main page yet, harrumph.

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We had dinner with my parents, then watched Arctic Tale on cable in the evening. It was interesting, but I can see why it didn't do nearly as well as March of the Penguins -- it does the same sort of anthropomorphizing of animals as that movie, even worse since it gives the main "characters" names...and in nature dramas like that, you can always be certain that the unnamed major players are going to die. Collapse ) At least the film had a nice environmental message and beautiful filming of narwhals and murres, and the walruses are adorable even lying around farting together on an island.