April 26th, 2009

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Poem for Sunday

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We spent this very, very hot April day (90+ degrees, I'm told) at the University of Maryland, which was hosting its annual Maryland Day. This is a campus-wide college and community fair with dozens of activities; it's impossible to do everything, and considering the throngs of visitors spreading to every corner of the campus, that's a good thing! In previous years we have seen an anime festival, watched angora rabbits being groomed, learned how to crochet turtle bookmarks, cheered at a football scrimmage, and eaten lunch while watching a belly dancer perform. This year we stroked a tarantula, watched space scientists work with a robot in a 25-foot tank, held pumice and rocks from a volcano, met a local sportscaster, saw cows being groomed, and brought home a ladybug in a little plastic container to help control aphids in the region:

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After a brief stop at the student union for a cold drink, we left Maryland Day in the heat of the afternoon to pick up Daniel from his high school, where his three-day trip to Wallops Island ended. He came home sunburnt, happy, and carrying two loads of the dirtiest clothes I have ever seen; I don't think his baseball cap or sweatshirt can be saved even after two cycles in the laundry with colorfast bleach. We watched the first round of the NFL draft and were delighted to see Maryland wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey taken seventh by the Oakland Raiders; a few turns later, the Redskins drafted a defensive end named Brian Orakpo from Texas whom I don't know anything about. We didn't watch anything because both kids had homework. Sunday will involve more laundries in between some Bar Mitzvah chores and hopefully a visit to Lake Whetstone to see if we can find goslings!